Tate Langdon Fashion: Romantic Black Look

Tate Langdon Fashion: Romantic Black Look

tate langdon fashion

Tate Langdon is one of the most favorite characters of AHS and even if he is a ghost who committed many mistakes while both alive and dead, he still captured the hearts of the fans when he expressed his undying love for Violet.

Because of the huge number of Tate’s fans, many would like to copy his look both men and women alike. So, today, let us look into some clothing and accessories that you can put together to get the look of Tate.

tate langdon black

1. Women’s Thermal Light weight Zip Up Jacket w/ Hood
2. Women Ripped Distressed High Waisted Stretch Slim Fit Black Denim Skinny Jeans
3. Womens Military Up Buckle Combat Boots Zipper Sweater Ankle High Exclusive Credit Card Pocket
4. NYfashion101 Exclusive Oversized Baggy Slouchy Thick Winter Beanie Hat
5. Golastartery Punk Titanium Steel Skull Pendant Crystal Necklace With 50CM Chain Necklace
6. COOLLA Men’s Vintage Leather Wrap Wrist Band Rope Bracelet Sl3363

Well, admit it. Tate’s look is kinda cool. But make sure you won’t bring a gun with you or else you’ll end up in jail!

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