Fiona Goode Outfits: Black Lace/Net Sleeve Dress

Fiona Goode Outfits: Black Lace/Net Sleeve Dress

We know that one of the most love villains on American Horror Story is Coven’s Fiona Goode. Aside from her lines that would seemingly slap you on the face with sarcasm, we also love her outfits.

Being the Supreme, we can see her wearing black most of the time, although she also looks great on other colored clothes. But since she is a witch, most of her clothes are black. We have already shown you sources of Fiona Goode outfits that are black peplum dresses. But this time, we will show you another one for the scene wherein she wore a black dress with lace or net sleeves.

Like most of her outfits, she looks great on this one too. Hence, we collated some similar clothes that you can wear to imitate the look of Fiona Goode.

fiona goode dresses

1. OUGES Womens Long Sleeve Floral V-Neck Bridesmaid Lace Dress
2. Missmay® Women’s Vintage Long Sleeves Black Lace Slimming Club Bodycon Dress
3. Bayside Peppy Peplum Stitched Beadwork Full Sleeves Black Lycra & Net Short Dress
4. Ladies Buttons Cuffs Pullover Design Chiffon Lining Dress

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Aside from the dresses, you also have to wear a black lace up heel shoe and black stockings to complete the look.

fiona goode oufits

1. Ladies Buttons Cuffs Pullover Design Chiffon Lining Dress
2. Avidlove Womens Socks Hosiery Tights Control Top Stockings 100 Denier Pantyhose
3. Ollio Women’s High Heel Ankle Shoe Lace Up Faux Suede Multi Color Boot

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So, there you are. You can now look as hot, sexy and powerful as Fiona Goode with all these black outfits! Have you picked one that suits you best?

Fiona Goode

I am Fiona Borgia Vandenheuvel Goode, I'm the Supreme Witch of the Salem Coven! You might call me a bad bitch, but in this whole wide wicked word, the only thing you have to be afraid of, is ME! And now... RUN!

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