Who Is Your “American Horror Story” Husband?

Who Is Your “American Horror Story” Husband?

ahs husband

Looking for Mr. Right? Well, we do not know when Mr. Right is coming but they said that they will come in an unexpected time and that person is also someone we never expected to be. For sure, meeting Mr. Right will be one of the most surprising yet happiest moment of your life.

But before you meet your future husband, why don’t we play a game? Since you love American Horror Story, why don’t you check who among the show’s heartthrobs could be your potential husband based on a personality test. Could that be Dandy? or Tate? or Mr. March?


Now that you have met your AHS husband, I hope that destiny will also let you meet your real life husband too! If you enjoyed this quiz, let your AHS lover friends play with it too and check if you get the same results!

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