AHS Outfits: Sexy and Fierce Look of The Countess Elizabeth

AHS Outfits: Sexy and Fierce Look of The Countess Elizabeth

Sexy and Fierce Look of The Countess Elizabeth

We all love the look of Lady Gaga’s The Countess Elizabeth. Well, even prior to being that fashionable vampire, Lady Gaga always wore unique clothing which became her trademark. Hence, she always looked fabulous as a vampire especially that she has power over the rest of the beings in Hotel Cortez.

Well, a queen has to dress like a queen! And for sure, you want to steal the look of The Countess. She has many lovely clothing but we will show you one today when she was wearing a leather black bra that looked totally fierce.

ahs leather

1. Forplay Women’s Faux Leather Bra Top with Metal Ring Hardware and Halter Collar
2. Libian Jr Plus Size Chic Chiffon Maxi Skirt with Gold Belt
3. Sterkowski Genuine Leather Side Envelope Flight Service Garrison Cap

Get all of them from amazon!

Yes, you can now get the look of The Countess through the items above and you can now walk sexy just like a queen in a fab leather attire. Surprise!

leather gaga

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