AHS Outfits: Dress Like Fiona Goode

AHS Outfits: Dress Like Fiona Goode

AHS Outfits: Dress Like Fiona Goode

Aside from the character of Fiona Goode, there is something else that AHS fans love about her and that is her fashion style. Yes, she wears black all the time but her peplum dress and black long sleeve attires are stunning. Even her choice of shoes is very fashionable too from pointed high heels to knee-length black boots.

No wonder that many women loves to don that Fiona Goode look. And if you want to look for dresses that is like what she loves to wear, then you don’t have to go far since we have it all here.

fiona dress

1. Tom’s Ware Womens Classy Neck Detail Sleeveless Zip-up Midi Dress
2. Dear-Lover Women’s Open Back Peplum Dress
3. KRISP® Womens Peplum Pencil Wiggle Lace Bodycon Dress
4. Dear-Lover Women’s Flawless Lace Peplum Dress
5. Lexi Peplum Ladies Dress
6. Chase Secret Women’s Embroidery Lace Mesh Sleeved Peplum Dress

Get all of them from amazon! You can choose a dress that fits your body shape and the style you want. If you want a sexy version, the lace peplum dress will be a good choice.

You want the complete look of Fiona Goode and not just the dress? Sure, we have it for you as well.

fiona dress2

1. Lexi Peplum Ladies Dress
2. Womens Fashion Sunglasses Oversized Round Horn Rim Arrow Design
3. Womens Peep Toe Faux Suede Pumps Heels Shoes
4. Women’s Genuine Leather Gloves, Italian Lambskin, Black
5. Procella Classic Wooden Stick Umbrella for Stylish, Classy Protection Against All Weather

There you go. Now after that, it is up to you to have that classy, Alpha female attitude. But you don’t have to be too rude of course. You don’t need to kill a witch or dump a house on top of someone you don’t like. Just walk with style and confidence and you will surely feel like the Supreme, even without magic.

Fiona Goode

I am Fiona Borgia Vandenheuvel Goode, I'm the Supreme Witch of the Salem Coven! You might call me a bad bitch, but in this whole wide wicked word, the only thing you have to be afraid of, is ME! And now... RUN!

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