11 Times “American Horror Story” Relay Your Make-Up Horror Stories

11 Times “American Horror Story” Relay Your Make-Up Horror Stories

Because we all want to look good and we have that desire to appear pretty and presentable, we wear makeup and that varies depending on the occasion. But then, not everyone is good at putting makeup.


No matter how detailed a YouTube makeup tutorial is, some girls would really end up messing up with the way they look. And the result is indeed a horrifying…

1. When you feel like you put too much blush on and it actually appears like its bleeding red.


2. When you had too much foundation and lipstick; And you want to scream because of shame.


3. When you are practicing to apply lipstick, yet you always fail but ends up happy.


4. When you cry after putting mascara and eye-liner.


And you just realized your face is all smudged-up after you are done with your drama.

5. When you picked the wrong make-up and forgot that you are allergic to it.


Now you got a natural Halloween-look.

6. When you are all done and you thought you looked amazing but ended up looking like this.


7. When you thought you look exactly like the make-up tutorial you followed but actually failed 100%

 ahs expectation reality

8. Oh well, seems like you need more practice.


9. Try to examine your face first.


10. And look for the right stuff that you can put on it.


11. Then look at how the right way of putting makeup is done.


Don’t try too hard. Just be you. Just be real. Same way as the Countess does it.

Settle for a lipstick and blush on first and your good to go.


Fiona Goode

I am Fiona Borgia Vandenheuvel Goode, I'm the Supreme Witch of the Salem Coven! You might call me a bad bitch, but in this whole wide wicked word, the only thing you have to be afraid of, is ME! And now... RUN!

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