AHS Fashion: The Countess Elizabeth in Striking Red

AHS Fashion: The Countess Elizabeth in Striking Red

The Countess Elizabeth in Striking Red

There is something about red that make us feel beautiful. It is like we feel bold and powerful. For sure, the Countess feels this way a lot more especially because she is a vampire.

And it is just right for her to wear red.


See? I told you she look really striking in red! Notice that all three outfits are maxis but they could either have a very long slit or it has a long trail or it has both. Well, just perfect for her to showcase her lovely legs. And in all three attires, notice that she has silver accents aside from the gloves.

Want to be like the Countess? Here are some options for you.


1. Pusheng Women Deep V-slit Long Sleeve Sexy Ball Gown Prom Evening Maxi Dress
2. Lolli Couture Long Sleeve Ribbed Neck Side Leg Slit Maxi Gown Dress
3. Maykool Women’s Deep V-neck Slit Side Open Back Maxi Dress
4. GIO-26 Lace Up Ankle Pointed Toe High Heel Pump
5. Glitter Sequin Costume Glove

Get all of them from amazon!

Choose which long red dress you want. Any of the three will make you look like the Countess Elizabeth. Make sure you do your hair beautifully too!

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