13 Times ‘AHS’ is Like ‘Mean Girls’

13 Times ‘AHS’ is Like ‘Mean Girls’

We all have our favorite shows and that includes the American Horror Story because that could be the reason why you are here reading this article right now. But aside from that, we also have fave movies that we would always love to watch over and over again no matter how old the stars in the movie already are these days. One of the movies that are still being liked by many is “Mean Girls” of Lindsay Lohan. Well, who would forget these girls, anyway?

mean girls

Well no one would ever forget all the craziness, the fun, the #lifelessons and even the #friendshipgoals we will get from this movie. Even if the cast has grown up already, every time we see them, we would still look at them as a Mean Girl. Alright, so what happens if we mashup both your favorite show and your favorite movie?

 mean girls ahs

It would not just be interesting but it could be very hilarious as well. Wait until you see the images below. For sure, it will renew your interest to both shows. This also amaze me of how creative people really are and how observant they are in spotting all these possible similarities in the show or in integrating some lines from “Mean Girls” to some AHS scenes.

1. When they all wear the same color of outfit.


2. When the bully was caught bullying many others.


3.  When sex was given a different definition.


4. When a new girl wasn’t allowed to join the squad.


5. When the Evil was determined.


6. When having big hair means differently.


7. When race defined friendship.


8. When dragged to the car to shop but is still called a Loser.


9. When you were given an honor to join them at the table.


10. When you saw how disgusting she looks like without the hair.


11. When a social experiment goes wrong.


12. When you are just being so hospitable.


13. And when this is the show to determine the next Supreme.


See? AHS could really be “Mean Girls” after all. If you haven’t seen the memes above, you would surely end up laughing and also surprised, because yes, we can always make a connection if we want to!

That is because there are always protagonists and antagonists in every story. There would always be a mean girl in every American horror story.

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