12 Times Tate Langdon Taught Us Something About Love

12 Times Tate Langdon Taught Us Something About Love

If there is one AHS character who have so much love in him, that is Tate Langdon because even if he is a ghost and despite all the cruel things he have done from killing the kids in his school to raping Violet’s mom, he still learned how to truly love. Who would think that even a ghost that cruel can actually love deeply?

Well, no wonder why many fans fell in love with him. And no doubt, we have learned a lot from him about love.

1. When he believed that love is forever.

1 tate love

2. When he found the light despite the darkness.

2 tate love

3. When he said he is sure of what he wants.

3 tate love

4. When he felt brokenhearted but tried to be strong.

4 tate love

5. When he know when is the right time to give “space.”

5 tate love

6. When he begged Violet to stay not because he just love her but because he needs her.

6 tate love

7. When he showed us how to treat the ones we love.

7 tate love

8. When he changed his view in life (even if he is dead.)

8 tate love

9. When he showed us that love is not selfish.

9 tate love

10. When he made Violet feel secured in his arms.

10 tate love

11. When he realized how love made him really happy.

11 tate love

12. When he vowed to wait for love even when it takes forever.

12 tate love

The “feels.”

If a ghost can love. Why can’t you?

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